martes, 14 de octubre de 2014

Every damn thing we did was pointless!

Stop right there.
I won't let you hurt him. I can't let you do this!
It's over. You've got nowhere left to run!
No, it's not over! Open your eyes already! Damn you, Alvin!
Every damn thing we did was pointless!
That's not true! Listen! Everybody is still here! Elize is, and so is Rowen! I'm sure Gaius and the others are too! She saved our lives!
Saved our lives? For what? She's gone now, isn't she?! We're just plain old human beings. We can't be like her!

Damn it. Hey, just go ahead and kill me already.
Kill you? How can you even say that to me?! Milla saved your rotten life! Don't be so eager to just throw it away! Don't you get it?! Milla died because she wanted us to live! She didn't die so we would... So we'd end up like this.
Well then, what the hell should we be doing?! I'm not Milla! I can't live like her! I don't have a mission to fulfill!
She's not here to hold our hands anymore. We have to think for ourselves now.
Think for ourselves how?!
No one is gonna make our decisions for us anymore! And no one... No one will take responsibility for our actions ever again! Even if Milla's mission was all a lie... The truth is, she was still willing to put her life on the line to fulfill it. It's not a matter of if you can or can't. It's a matter of whether you do or don't.
Jude, you...
Why'd it take me this long to figure out what Milla was trying to tell us? Let's get moving, Alvin.
[Tales of Xillia - Jude Vs Alvin]